2012 NBA Mock Draft (Version 1)

This is our first mock draft which includes player rankings, positives (+) and negatives (-) about each player, and a current or former NBA player(s) to compare each prospect to. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.


NBA MOCK DRAFT DATABASE: (The Hoop Doctors) link http://thehoopdoctors.com/online2/2009/02/mock-draft/


1.     Anthony Davis      PF / C      Kentucky      Freshman      6’11  220lbs

+ Athletic ability & length (7’6 wingspan)

+ Excellent dunker / shot blocker

+ Highest ceiling of any player in the draft

+ Immediate impact at both ends of the court

- Must further develop his post game

NBA Comparison: Marcus Camby (with a higher offensive upside), Kevin Garnett, Chris Bosh


2.     Andre Drummond      PF / C      UConn      Freshman      6’11  255lbs

+ NBA size & athleticism

+ Athletic freak

+ Only 19 years old

+ Most imposing big man since Greg Oden @ Ohio State

- Offensive game needs refinement

NBA Comparison: Amar’e Stoudemire (with rebounds & blocked shots), Derrick Favors, DeAndre Jordan


3.     Michael Kidd-Gilchrist      SF      Kentucky      Freshman      6’7  230lbs

+ Hard worker / excellent leadership / exhibits the will to win

+ Finishes around the basket while drawing contact

+ Solid defender

- Needs to improve his jumpshot

NBA Comparison: Andre Iguodala, Gerald Wallace


4.     Harrison Barnes      SF      UNC      Sophomore      6’8  215lbs

+ Size / Strength prototype

+ “Franchise player” potential / solid character

+ Can shoot from the perimeter or take the ball to the basket

- Lacks killer instinct… can he develop it?

NBA Comparison: Luol Deng, Caron Butler, Danny Granger, Rudy Gay


5.     Thomas Robinson      PF      Kansas      Junior       6’9  240lbs

+ Doesn’t shy away from contact

+ Averaged a double / double (18 & 12)

+ Shades of Blake Griffin (punishes the rim)

- Gets in foul trouble

NBA Comparison: Blake Griffin, Kenyon Martin, Derrick Williams, Kris Humphries, JJ Hickson


6.     Jared Sullinger      PF / C      Ohio State      Sophomore      6’8  250lbs

+ Developed / refined low post game

+ Potential double / double ability in the NBA

+ Projects as 10 year starter & prolific rebounder

- Average foot speed & athleticism

NBA Comparison: Luis Scola, Al Jefferson, Kris Humphries, Carlos Boozer


7.     Perry Jones III      PF      Baylor      Sophomore       6’11   225lbs

+ Excellent combo of size / athleticism / ball handling ability

- Tendency to disappear at times / lacks killer instinct

- Needs to back down defenders rather than face up at times

NBA Comparison: Anthony Randolph, LaMarcus Aldridge


8.     Jeremy Lamb      SG / SF      UConn      Sophomore      6’5  190lbs

+ Solid mid-range game / ability to go to the basket

+ Ability to play solid defense due to 7+foot wingspan

- Needs to bulk up a bit … only 190 pounds?

NBA Comparison: Reggie Miller, Brandon Rush, Richard Hamilton, Nick Young


9.     Bradley Beal      SG      Florida      Freshman      6’4  185lbs

+ Refined scorer, rebounder, and passer

+ Scouts see a similar skill set as a 1996 Ray Allen

- Struggles to consistently create his own shot

NBA Comparison: Ray Allen, Eric Gordon


10.     Terrence Jones      PF      Kentucky      Sophomore      6’9  235lbs

+ Top 10 ability / talent

+ Flashes the ability to dominate

- Flashes the ability to disappear

- Enigmatic X factor (questionable basketball IQ)

NBA Comparison: Lamar Odom, Marvin Williams


11.     Cody Zeller      PF / C      Indiana      Freshman       6’11  225lbs

+ Above average strength & rebounding ability

+ Solid FT shooting, rebounding ability, and shot blocking

+ Good ball handling (dribbling / passing)

- Could benefit from another year of seasoning

NBA Comparison: Jason Thompson, Chris Kaman, Drew Gooden


12.     Tyler Zeller      PF / C      UNC      Senior       6’11  230lbs

+ Good size & strength combination

+ Solid pick-and-roll skills

+ High energy floor runner

- History of being injury prone

NBA Comparison: Tiago Splitter, PJ Brown


13.     John Henson      PF / C      UNC      Junior       6’10  200lbs

+ Excellent shot blocker

+ Plus defender (good size & athleticism)

+ Shows ability to rebound at the next level

- Needs to bulk up

NBA Comparison: Serge Ibaka, Brandan Wright, Samuel Dalembert


14.     Damian Lillard      PG      Weber State      Junior       6’2  185lbs

+ Ideal NBA size for his position

+ Able to create his own shot

- Volume shooter (shoots too much)

- Not a “true” point guard (looks for his own shot first)

NBA Comparison: Jerryd Bayless, Jeff Teague, Mo Williams, Lindsey Hunter


15.     Austin Rivers      SG      Duke      Freshman       6’9  235lbs

+ NBA-caliber shooting ability from the perimeter

+ Talent & pedigree gives him lottery potential

- Struggles without the basketball

- Turnover prone

NBA Comparison: Monta Ellis, Doc Rivers, OJ Mayo


16.     Myers Leonard      C      Illinois      Sophomore      7’0  245lbs

+ NBA size & skill set

+ Agile and quick for his size

+ Legit 7 footer

- One more year in college would serve him well

NBA Comparison: Marcus Camby, Jermaine O’Neal, Byron Mullens, Robin Lopez


17.     Kendall Marshall      PG      UNC      Sophomore      6’4  190lbs

+ Impacts all facets of the game with excellent court vision

+ Potential to be the first point guard drafted

+ Solid defender & three point shooter

- High expectations … reminds scouts of Jason Kidd

NBA Comparison: Jason Kidd, Andre Miller, Mark Jackson


18.     James Michael McAdoo      PF      UNC      Freshman       6’9  220lbs

+ Excellent athlete / aggressive rebounder

+ Solid all-around skills

+ Good ball handling ability

+ Some scouts say: He’s a “shorter Tim Duncan”

- Undersized for a power forward

NBA Comparison: James Worthy, Al Harrington


19.     Arnett Moultrie      PF / C      Mississippi State      Junior      6’11 220lbs

+ Versatile scoring ability (inside / outside)

+ Explosive quickness & elevation

+ Good rebounder & free throw shooter

- Needs to slow down to reduce turnovers

NBA Comparison: Jermaine O’Neal, Jason Thompson, Marcus Camby


20.     Terrence Ross      SF      Washington      Sophomore       6’6  180lbs

+ Top perimeter scorer in college

+ Capable defender & solid rebounder

+ Attracts contact to draw free throw attempts

- Needs to improve his defensive effort

NBA Comparison: Dorell Wright, JR Smith, Martell Webster, Wesley Johnson


21.     Moe Harkless      SF      St. John’s      Freshman      6’8 208lbs

+ Raw with tremendous upside

+ Runs the floor extremely well

+ Potential to end up in the lottery (later half)

- Must improve ball handling

NBA Comparison: James Posey, Rudy Gay


22.     Quincy Miller      SF / PF      Baylor      Freshman       6’9  200lbs

+ Well developed offensive skills

+ Good height for a small forward

+ Additional year of seasoning in college would benefit him

- Not a “prototypical” power forward

NBA Comparison: Austin Daye


23.     Jeff Taylor      SF      Vanderbilt      Senior      6’7 226lbs

+ Keen defensive instincts

+ Gets to the rim at will

+ Has shown consistent shooting ability

- Poor free throw shooter (60.5% this season)

NBA Comparison: Rodney Carney, Morris Peterson, Wilson Chandler


24.     Dion Waiters      SG      Syracuse      Sophomore      6’4 210lbs

+ Prototypical combo guard

+ Above average shooter with 3PT range

+ Pesky defender (steals the ball)

- Didn’t plan man to man defense in college

NBA Comparison: Marcus Thornton, Randy Foye, DeShawn Stevenson


25.     Doron Lamb      SG      Kentucky      Sophomore      6’4  180lbs

+ Natural scoring ability

+ Fringe starter or 6th man

+ Clutch shooting

- Looks for his own shot too much

NBA Comparison: JJ Redick, Wayne Ellington, Marcus Thornton, Ben Gordon


26.     Tony Wroten      PG / SG      Washington      Freshman      6’5 180lbs

+ Plays with finesse and under control

+ Hard worker / hustler

+ Creative passing ability

- Inconsistent shooting ability

NBA Comparison: Tyreke Evans, Lance Stephenson, Jamal Crawford


27.     Royce White      SF      Iowa State      Sophomore       6’8  240lbs

+ Point-forward skills

+ Strong with great leaping ability

+ Excellent ball handling & speed

- Has an anxiety disorder (will need to be cleared by team doctors)

NBA Comparison: Anthony Mason


28.     Patric Young      PF / C      Florida      Sophomore      6’9  230lbs

+ Excellent play in the paint

+ Willingness to bang bodies / grab rebounds

+ Plays with passion / emotion

- Low post game needs improvement

NBA Comparison: Ben Wallace, JJ Hickson, Brandon Bass


29.     Mason Plumlee      PF / C      Duke      Junior       6’10  225lb

+ Great athleticism & physicality

+ Tough defender, rebounder, and shot blocker

+ Good hands

- Needs to assert his power / strength more consistently

NBA Comparison: Tyson Chandler, Serge Ibaka, Yi Jianlian


30.     Marquis Teague      PG      Kentucky      Freshman       6’2  190lbs

+ Benefited from good coaching this year (Calipari)

+ Good size / speed combo

+ Solid perimeter shooting / defense

- Raw / needs time to develop

NBA Comparison: Avery Bradley, Jeff Teague, Steve Francis


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