2012 NBA Mock Draft (Version 3)

NBA MOCK DRAFT DATABASE: (The Hoop Doctors) link http://thehoopdoctors.com/online2/2009/02/mock-draft/

Our final mock draft includes player rankings, positives (+) and negatives (-) about each player, a current or former NBA player(s) to compare each prospect to, and a comment about each draft slot. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

1. New Orleans Hornets

Anthony Davis      PF / C      Kentucky      Freshman      6’11  220lbs

+ Athletic ability & length (7’6 wingspan)

+ Excellent dunker / shot blocker

+ Highest ceiling of any player in the draft

+ Immediate impact at both ends of the court

- Must further develop his post game

NBA Comparison: Marcus Camby (with a higher offensive upside), Kevin Garnett, Chris Bosh

Comments: Anthony Davis is a lock to be selected at this spot.


2. Charlotte Bobcats

Bradley Beal      SG      Florida      Freshman      6’4  185lbs

+ Refined scorer, rebounder, and passer

+ Scouts see a similar skill set as a 1996 Ray Allen

- Struggles to consistently create his own shot

NBA Comparison: Ray Allen, Eric Gordon

Comments: Expect Charlotte to trade this pick to another team. When a player is “the next”, as in “the next Ray Allen”, teams will be willing to move up in order to select him.


3. Washington Wizards

Andre Drummond      PF / C      UConn      Freshman      6’11  255lbs

+ NBA size & athleticism

+ Athletic freak

+ Only 19 years old

+ Most imposing big man since Greg Oden @ Ohio State

- Offensive game needs refinement

NBA Comparison: Amar’e Stoudemire (with rebounds & blocked shots), Derrick Favors, DeAndre Jordan

Comments: If Beal is still available, look for the Wizards to pull the trigger and potentially dampen Jordan Crawford’s dynasty league appeal. If not, expect them to take a chance on Drummond living up to his potential.


4. Cleveland Cavaliers
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist      SF      Kentucky      Freshman      6’7  230lbs

+ Hard worker / excellent leadership / exhibits the will to win

+ Finishes around the basket while drawing contact

+ Solid defender

- Needs to improve his jumpshot

NBA Comparison: Andre Iguodala, Gerald Wallace

Comments: Another potential landing spot for Beal, the Cavaliers would love to have MKG fall in to their lap at this spot.


5. Sacramento Kings

Harrison Barnes      SF      UNC      Sophomore      6’8  215lbs

+ Size / Strength prototype

+ “Franchise player” potential / solid character

+ Can shoot from the perimeter or take the ball to the basket

- Lacks killer instinct… can he develop it?

NBA Comparison: Luol Deng, Caron Butler, Danny Granger, Rudy Gay

Comments: It’s sounding like the Kings will be looking to move Tyreke Evans on draft night. They’ll need a replacement at small forward; perhaps Evans will be used to trade up (with the Bobcats) and draft Kidd-Gilchrist.


6. Portland Trail Blazers (from Nets)

Damian Lillard      PG      Weber State      Junior       6’2  185lbs

+ Ideal NBA size for his position

+ Able to create his own shot

- Volume shooter (shoots too much)

- Not a “true” point guard (looks for his own shot first)

NBA Comparison: Jerryd Bayless, Jeff Teague, Mo Williams, Lindsey Hunter

Comments: Raymond Felton is a free agent and is unlikely to be resigned. During the pre-draft evaluation period, Lillard has been identified as the top available point guard.


7. Golden State Warriors

Thomas Robinson      PF      Kansas      Junior       6’9  240lbs

+ Doesn’t shy away from contact

+ Averaged a double / double (18 & 12)

+ Shades of Blake Griffin (punishes the rim)

- Gets in foul trouble

NBA Comparison: Blake Griffin, Kenyon Martin, Derrick Williams, Kris Humphries, JJ Hickson

Comments: Golden State doesn’t have room for Robinson in their frontcourt, but he isn’t going to fall further than this.


8. Toronto Raptors

Jeremy Lamb      SG / SF      UConn      Sophomore      6’5  190lbs

+ Solid mid-range game / ability to go to the basket

+ Ability to play solid defense due to 7+foot wingspan

- Needs to bulk up a bit … only 190 pounds?

NBA Comparison: Reggie Miller, Brandon Rush, Richard Hamilton, Nick Young

Comments:  Lamb would be a good fit in Toronto.


9. Detroit Pistons

Perry Jones III      PF      Baylor      Sophomore       6’11   225lbs

+ Excellent combo of size / athleticism / ball handling ability

- Tendency to disappear at times / lacks killer instinct

- Lacks shot blocking ability despite his size

- Needs to back down defenders rather than face up at times

NBA Comparison: Anthony Randolph, LaMarcus Aldridge

Comments:  Jones is arguably the most athletic player available in the draft and Tayshaun Prince isn’t getting any younger.


10. New Orleans Hornets (from Wolves)

Austin Rivers      SG      Duke      Freshman       6’9  235lbs

+ NBA-caliber shooting ability from the perimeter

+ Talent & pedigree gives him lottery potential

- Struggles without the basketball

- Turnover prone

NBA Comparison: Monta Ellis, Doc Rivers, OJ Mayo

Comments:  Rivers is climbing the draft board and won’t be selected outside of the lottery. The Hornets believe that he’ll be able to play the point.


11. Portland Trail Blazers

Meyers Leonard      C      Illinois      Sophomore      7’0  245lbs

+ NBA size & skill set

+ Agile and quick for his size

+ Legit 7 footer

- One more year in college would serve him well

NBA Comparison: Marcus Camby, Jermaine O’Neal, Byron Mullens, Robin Lopez

Comments:  Arnett Moultrie and Dion Waiters are other possibilities for the Blazers.


12. Milwaukee Bucks

Jared Sullinger      PF / C      Ohio State      Sophomore      6’8  250lbs

+ Developed / refined low post game

+ Potential double / double ability in the NBA

+ Projects as 10 year starter & prolific rebounder

- Average foot speed & athleticism

NBA Comparison: Luis Scola, Al Jefferson, Kris Humphries, Carlos Boozer

Comments:  Look for the Bucks to take the chance that Sullinger’s health (back) troubles won’t linger. Apparently Sullinger will not be in the green room at the NBA draft (read: it’s unlikely he’ll go in the top 15).


13. Phoenix Suns

Kendall Marshall      PG      UNC      Sophomore      6’4  190lbs

+ Impacts all facets of the game with excellent court vision

+ Potential to be the first point guard drafted

+ Solid defender & three point shooter

- High expectations … reminds scouts of Jason Kidd

NBA Comparison: Jason Kidd, Andre Miller, Mark Jackson

Comments:  Steve Nash is gone and the Suns will need to replace him. They’re also interested in signing Goran Dragic away from the Rockets.


14. Houston Rockets

Tyler Zeller      PF / C      UNC      Senior       6’11  230lbs

+ Good size & strength combination

+ Solid pick-and-roll skills

+ High energy floor runner

- History of being injury prone

NBA Comparison: Tiago Splitter, PJ Brown

Comments:  Last season the Rockets relied on Marcus Camby and Samuel Dalembert… enough said.


15. Philadelphia 76ers

Dion Waiters      SG      Syracuse      Sophomore      6’4 210lbs

+ Prototypical combo guard

+ Above average shooter with 3PT range

+ Pesky defender (steals the ball)

- Didn’t plan man to man defense in college

NBA Comparison: Marcus Thornton, Randy Foye, DeShawn Stevenson

Comments:  It’s likely that Lou Williams will be playing elsewhere in 2012; Waiters is a sensible replacement. John Henson is another possibility if the Sixers are determined to waive Elton Brand.


16. Houston Rockets (from Knicks)

Terrence Ross      SG / SF      Washington      Sophomore       6’6  180lbs

+ Top perimeter scorer in college

+ Capable defender & solid rebounder

+ Attracts contact to draw free throw attempts

- Needs to improve his defensive effort

NBA Comparison: Dorell Wright, JR Smith, Martell Webster, Wesley Johnson

Comments:  Coach McHale isn’t enamored with starting shooting guard Kevin Martin. Ross is a potential replacement for the Rockets.


17. Dallas Mavericks

Arnett Moultrie      PF / C      Mississippi State      Junior      6’11 220lbs

+ Versatile scoring ability (inside / outside)

+ Explosive quickness & elevation

+ Good rebounder & free throw shooter

- Needs to slow down to reduce turnovers

NBA Comparison: Jermaine O’Neal, Jason Thompson, Marcus Camby

Comments:  Dallas needs big men; this is the likely area where Moultrie will be selected.


18. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Jazz)

John Henson      PF / C      UNC      Junior       6’10  200lbs

+ Excellent shot blocker

+ Plus defender (good size & athleticism)

+ Shows ability to rebound at the next level

- Needs to bulk up

NBA Comparison: Serge Ibaka, Brandan Wright, Samuel Dalembert

Comments:  The Timberwolves don’t need a big man, but over-stocking a position has never been something that GM David Kahn has been afraid to do.


19. Orlando Magic

Terrence Jones      PF      Kentucky      Sophomore      6’9  235lbs

+ Top 10 ability / talent

+ Flashes the ability to dominate

- Flashes the ability to disappear

- Enigmatic X factor (questionable basketball IQ)

NBA Comparison: Lamar Odom, Marvin Williams

Comments:  The Magic need talent and Jones has flashed Top 10 ability.


20. Denver Nuggets

Quincy Miller      SF / PF      Baylor      Freshman       6’9  200lbs

+ Well developed offensive skills

+ Good height for a small forward

+ Additional year of seasoning in college would benefit him

- Not a “prototypical” power forward

NBA Comparison: Austin Daye

Comments:  The Nuggets are looking for depth at this stage of the draft… Moe Harkless is another candidate for this spot.


21. Boston Celtics

Fab Melo      C    Syracuse              Sophomore       7’0  250lbs

+ Well developed defensive skills

+ Solid rebounder

+ Solid shot blocker

- A solid starter, but will never be an All Star

NBA Comparison: Brendan Haywood, DeSagana Diop

Comments:  The Celtics will be looking to fill three positions in this draft: Center, Shooting Guard, and Power Forward.


22. Boston Celtics (from Clippers)

John Jenkins      SG          Vanderbilt           Junior       6’4  215lbs

+ Excellent long range shooter

+ Stellar averages – 50% FG / 40+% 3PT / 85% FT

NBA Comparison: Michael Redd, Voshon Lenard

Comments:  The Celtics will be looking to fill three positions in this draft: Center, Shooting Guard, and Power Forward.


23. Atlanta Hawks

Moe Harkless      SF      St. John’s      Freshman      6’8 208lbs

+ Raw with tremendous upside

+ Runs the floor extremely well

+ Potential to end up in the lottery (later half)

- Must improve ball handling

NBA Comparison: James Posey, Rudy Gay

Comments:  The team needs a center to allow Al Horford to play at his natural power forward position, but Harkless could be too good to pass up.


24. Cleveland Cavaliers  (from Lakers)

Doron Lamb      SG      Kentucky      Sophomore      6’4  180lbs

+ Natural scoring ability

+ Fringe starter or 6th man

+ Clutch shooting

- Looks for his own shot too much

NBA Comparison: JJ Redick, Wayne Ellington, Marcus Thornton, Ben Gordon

Comments:  Lamb might fall out of the first round; Cleveland is a likely landing spot if he goes near the end of the first.


25. Memphis Grizzlies

Royce White      SF      Iowa State      Sophomore       6’8  240lbs

+ Point-forward skills

+ Strong with great leaping ability

+ Excellent ball handling & speed

- Has an anxiety disorder (will need to be cleared by team doctors)

NBA Comparison: Anthony Mason

Comments:  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire? Rudy Gay has been constantly rumored to be on the trading block. If he’s moved for a position other than small forward, Memphis will need a replacement.


26. Indiana Pacers

Marquis Teague      PG      Kentucky      Freshman       6’2  190lbs

+ Benefited from good coaching this year (Calipari)

+ Good size / speed combo

+ Solid perimeter shooting / defense

- Raw / needs time to develop

NBA Comparison: Avery Bradley, Jeff Teague, Steve Francis

Comments:  With Darren Collison and George Hill battling for the starting shooting guard spot, the Pacers should select Teague and trade away the loser of that battle.


27. Miami Heat

Tony Wroten      PG / SG      Washington      Freshman      6’5 180lbs

+ Plays with finesse and under control

+ Hard worker / hustler

+ Creative passing ability

- Inconsistent shooting ability

NBA Comparison: Tyreke Evans, Lance Stephenson, Jamal Crawford

Comments:  Marquis Teague is another likely target for the Heat.


28. Oklahoma City Thunder

Andrew Nicholson      PF               St. Bonaventure      Senior      6’9 220lbs

+ Hard worker / hustler

+ Solid scorer / shooter

NBA Comparison: Ryan Anderson, Craig Brackins

Comments:  The more scorers, the better.


29. Chicago Bulls

Jeff Taylor      SF      Vanderbilt      Senior      6’7 226lbs

+ Keen defensive instincts

+ Gets to the rim at will

+ Has shown consistent shooting ability

- Poor free throw shooter (60.5% this season)

NBA Comparison: Rodney Carney, Morris Peterson, Wilson Chandler

Comments:  Luol Deng will need surgery during the off season. He’s unlikely to be ready for the beginning of the season and could miss a few months.


30. Golden State Warriors(from Spurs)

Tyshawn Taylor      PG      Kansas      Senior      6’3 180lbs

+ Solid defensive instincts

+ Good Size

+ NBA Ready

NBA Comparison: Jrue Holiday, Armon Johnson

Comments:  The Warriors will need someone to play point guard when / if Steph Curry hurts himself again.



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